About Blake Morphis

That's me... in Old Quebec City! Photo taken by my buddy <a target="_blank" href="http://toothakerphoto.com/">Don Toothaker</a>.

That's me... in Old Quebec City! Photo taken by my buddy Don Toothaker.

In 2016, my world was turned upside down, my heart was shattered, and I was left wondering why, how could this happen, how could I have not been there...  

Quickly my mind was overcome, obsessively reliving the past...trying to put the pieces together, of something that can never be put back together.

She was gone.  She took her own life, and left me behind.

One thing that was left behind was a 20mm micro four thirds lens, it was a Christmas gift she gave to me, but I never took photography seriously, and honestly, when I tried,  I didn't think I was very good at it.

But, during my turmoil I thought about that lens and I thought about taking up photography. Somehow it called to me, I don't know how, and I don't know why but it called to me, over and over in my head. Perhaps spiritually...

Finally, I decided to go to with a friend of mine to Fort Wetherill in Jamestown, RI - an old abandoned fort, it's a rather creepy place, but it can make for interesting photos. I took my camera with me and took some, frankly, really awful photos... but for once I felt an escape from my own very mind.

I had always wanted to take a night time photo of the Newport Pell Bridge. So I went out the next night, I explored Jamestown and stumbled upon Taylor's Point.  In pure solitude, I took some photos, and well I was surprised at the results, they were better than what I had thought they'd be.

That was when I became hooked on photography, even today the Newport Pell Bridge remains my favorite subject to photograph.  It became an obsession, I delved into anything I could and voraciously consumed anything I could find about photography.

For me, photography became an escape, it helped me get away from myself. The solitude was therapeutic. It helped my to rediscover myself, it helped me recover from a tragic and painful time in my life.  It helped me put myself back together again.


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